William Roger Obituary Who Was William Roger? How Did He Die?

William Roger “Willie” Nelson Sr. died August 21st 2020 at age 78 following an outstanding life filled with service to community and family as well as passion for outdoor pursuits. Born May 3rd 1942 in Racine Wisconsin he lived a full and rewarding existence; an unforgettable story in its own right! Yet what were Willie Nelson’s distinguishing traits which ensured his revered reputation within both communities and families he called home?

What Defined Willie Nelson’s Early Life?

Willie Nelson began his journey when he was born to James and Olive Nelson of Racine, Wisconsin in 1947. It’s important to consider which influences and experiences helped form Willie’s character and values during these early years, which helped form him into who he would eventually become as an individual.

How Has Nelson’s Military Service Influenced His Life?

Nelson’s military service in the U.S. Army during and after Vietnam proved pivotal to both his worldview and dedication to country. How has his service affected both him personally as well as those around him?

What Were Nelson’s Interests and Passions?

Willie found great pleasure in hunting, fishing and puzzle solving as hobbies; these activities not only provided entertainment value; they were an extension of Willie Nelson’s personality. How could these hobbies reflect his outlook and approach to life?

How Did Nelson’s Family Affect Him?

Willie Nelson was deeply tied to his family throughout his life. Married since 1983 to Sue (Lewis), Willie was an attentive husband, father, and grandfather who made life-altering contributions as part of their collective. How has Willie’s familial relationships influenced and affected his own?

What Are Willie Nelson’s Legacy Remains?

Willie Nelson left behind an inspiring legacy, filled with love, service and dedication. Survived by his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren – his influence and memory live on through them all – but what specific qualities and memories of Willie will his family and friends cherish most fondly?

How Does His Community Remember Nelson?

Willie Nelson had an impactful legacy that transcended beyond his immediate family to touch all who knew and remembered him in Rolla. With his death came not just sorrow for those closest to him; all who had known and been touched by Willie were affected as his passing took away something special in our community. How will people outside his immediate family circle remember Willie?

What Are Nelson’s Funeral Arrangements?

Willie Nelson was revered and loved throughout his lifetime, with services held for him at Null and Son Funeral Home in Rolla with burial taking place at Flat Grove Cemetery. What do these arrangements tell us about Nelson?

How Can We Remember Willie Nelson?

Reminiscing Willie Nelson can provide us with many sources of inspiration; his life of service to his community, devotion to family life and zest for living can serve as examples to follow in honoring both his memory and legacy.

William Roger “Willie” Nelson Sr.’s death marks an end of a life filled with dedication, love, and service to family, community, and the outdoors. As we bid our farewells to Willie Nelson we celebrate an exceptional life lived faithfully that will continue to influence those he touched; his legacy lives on through those whom knew and loved him – family members as well as community members alike who will feel his impactful presence today and tomorrow. Willie serves as an inspiring reminder that one life truly can have impact through commitment to family service commitment along with joys found elsewhere – we celebrate it today while remembering Willie for what his memory will mean tomorrow for those left behind.