Update – 12 best design blogs to follow in 2024

Update  – 12 best design blogs to follow in 2024

Design is almost always a collaborative process. Even if you work solo, your designs are a part of a conversation with other professionals, drawing from previous breakthroughs and inspiring future creations. A great deal of that conversation is taking place online, in blogs that are dedicated to the design industry. Take the Wix Blog, for example. We work hard to bring you the latest and greatest from industry experts. In addition to our team of bloggers, many design bloggers are working hard to explore new ideas in the field, to highlight unique talent and to share useful information with their colleagues all over the world, whether they are working on book cover ideas, wedding invitations, or anything in between. Thanks to them, anyone who lives, breathes and is interested in design can stay connected with the cutting edge developments of the industry.

In this article, we bring you of our favorite design-related blogs, covering a wide range of topics, from home decor to web design. You don’t need to be an expert to fall in love with these blogs. They address a diverse audience of professionals, amateurs and absolute beginners. Whether you are looking for inspiration as you create a website, a graphic design portfolio or are looking to improve your Photoshop skills, these blogs offer lots of excellent content. Plus, these Instagram tips for designers will set you on the right path.

12 best design blogs

  1. A Beautiful Mess

  2. AdWeek

  3. Creative Bloq

  4. Creative Market

  5. Design Clever

  6. Abduzeedo

  7. AIGA’s Eye on Design

  8. Handimania

  9. Illustration Age

  10. The Inspiration Grid

  11. Logo Design Love

  12. Old Brand New

01. A Beautiful Mess

Sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapmen are visionaries who are devoted to beautifying everything around them. In their blog, you can find amazing tips on a huge range of topics, from photography tutorials to textile-printing advice. If you ever hit a creative block and need some inspiration, just check out their Food section for a combination of delicious eats and gorgeous visuals.


02. AdWeek

The most fascinating side of branding and advertising is regularly explored on AdWeek. This blog brings you industry inside information, reviews of new campaigns, interviews with top minds and all the content you need to stay updated on one of the most dynamic fields out there.


03. Creative Bloq

This blog proves that website designers can achieve so much when they stick together and share helpful knowledge, tips, feedback and fun. Creative Bloq is filled with detailed tutorials, reviews of equipment and software and other valuable content that helps designers keep their mind fresh and up-to-date with all the latest developments and design trends.


04. Creative Market

Creative Market is a community of professionals with various design and styling expertise. The platform offers community members the opportunity to share their work online and develop both creatively and professionally. On their blog, they highlight unique works created by the community itself, as well valuable advice on how to develop a career in design and digital culture as well as design quotes and mood board ideas to keep you motivated.


05. Design Clever

As a curated online space, this blog serves as a collection of memorable design work, outstanding photography, impressive branding and more. The graphic designers who run this UK-based blog are more than just clever. They have a superb eye for beautiful visuals and they are happy to share it with their faithful readers.


06. Abduzeedo

The godfather of all design blogs. For more than a decade, Abduzeedo (which means “abducted” in Portuguese) has delivered cutting edge news, insightful tutorials and a community hub for all things design to masses of online followers. Even today it continues to be a leading resource for design aficionados all over the world. If you don’t have this one bookmarked already, now is the right time to do so.


07. AIGA’s Eye on Design

This blog is run by the AIGA, the Professional Association for Design, a non-profit organization that promotes design greatness. In addition to featuring emerging talent and promoting their work, the blog also highlights design-related events that shouldn’t be missed and addresses important conceptual questions that professional creatives are dealing with. And, of course, you can expect regular perks in the form of downloadable goodies.


08. Handimania

The best of all DIY worlds is brought to you right here on Handimania. Learn how to create household items, gifts, indoors and outdoors decorations and so much more all on your own. This art blog delivers the fun experience of arts and crafts class while simultaneously helping you cut costs and re-purpose existing items.


09. Illustration Age

This blog is meant to provide guidance and support for professional illustrators out there, but honestly, it is a terrific read for anyone who’s interested in graphic arts and enjoys great illustration works. In addition to showcasing inspiring content, Illustration Age also offers a variety of educational opportunities, including online classes. It features artists with differing styles and techniques, fully exploring the field in all its glory.


10. The Inspiration Grid

When you’re working on a new project or just looking to explore new ideas, this blog is a great go-to place for a guaranteed dose of inspiration. From product design to abstract art, pretty much all forms of visual expression are found on the Grid. The browsing experience in itself is inspiring, with a never-ending long scroll that continues to load more and more beautiful works.


11. Logo Design Love

Who doesn’t love logo design? The art of saying so much with so little is one of the most remarkable achievements of modern design work. This blog dedicates itself to beautiful logos and to the brilliant minds who create them. Every professional involved in branding, marketing and digital cseoontent should explore the pages of Logo Design Love. There’s so much we all can learn from logos.


12. Old Brand New

Dabito, the artist behind Old Brand New, identifies as a “vintage vulture.” Luckily, he uses his preying skills to make magnificent home design projects. By fusing old with new, Dabito creates home environments that are both beautiful and practical. His design blog is a celebration of his signature style, a combination of vintage artifacts with a contemporary vibe. Click and you’ll be hooked.


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