Top 3 AI Content Detector Tools in 2024

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As you can see from the title, I will enlighten you about AI content detectors today. 

Due to the development of AI writing tools, it has become necessary to detect AI content before publishing or posting it online. 

Understanding AI content detection will save you from encountering any AI content-related problems so, let me teach you about AI content detectors and provide you with the top 3 AI content detectors that I have personally used and loved the outcome. 

So, let’s begin this discussion!

AI Content Detector – An Introductory Note:

AI content detector as its name suggests is a tool that can identify whether a text is AI-generated or human-generated. There is a significant difference between AI written text and human written text and the goal of the tool is to distinguish human content from AI content. The content detector proves to be a super handy tool in this era full of generative AI gadgets. 

Difference between AI & Human Content:

I have been often asked what is the main difference between human and AI content, and how a content detector distinguishes between them. The human mind works on its own and we write text but this is different from AI which has advanced language models and it follows these models to generate content. 

AI Content Detection: 

The AI content detector analyses the text and compares it with the language models and that is how it identifies whether a text is human-generated or AI-generated. 

AI text is less versatile than human text, and limited word choice is found in it. In addition, the AI text uses a similar sentence structure overall while human sentences vary greatly. 

Now that you know what an AI content detector is and how it detects AI content, let me introduce the top three tools I discussed initially. 

  1. is an advanced content detector that specializes in detecting AI content. It quickly analyses the text using different analytical procedures and identifies the origin of the text. The analytical procedures involved include perplexity check, Burstiness, and N-gram analysis. 

The user uploads the content on the tool and it provides the AI detection results within a few seconds thus, its processing time is very fast and the results are super efficient. 

Features of 

  • It is an AI tool that is specialized in identifying AI-generated content from the given text. 
  • It provides accurate results within seconds. 
  • It highlights the AI content in red color. 
  • Its context window is 1K words. 
  • It helps in bypassing AI by rephrasing the text and turning it into human content. 
  • It can accurately detect the AI content of various language models like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, Jasper AI, etc. 
  • It is free of cost and can be used online without signing up. 
  • It detects AI text in multiple languages accurately. 
  1. was designed to detect the AI content created by ChatGPT, however now it is updated and it can detect the content of various language models or AI tools. 

It is as simple to use as our first tool. Simply upload the text on the provided box, and initiate the tool, it will automatically analyze the tool using the deep language analysis method, and identify its origin within seconds. 

This tool is quite efficient and accurate and provides authentic results of AI content detection. 

Features of

  • It is an AI-powered tool that quickly analyzes the text and detects its origin whether AI or human. 
  • It provides accurate and quick content origin detection. The processing time is just a couple of seconds. 
  • Its context window is 5000 characters roughly equal to 750-1150 words. 
  • It highlighted the AI text in yellow color. 
  • It provides the AI probability in percentage and comments on how likely it is to be human or AI. 
  • It is a freemium tool with both free and premium options. 
  1. is a top-notch AI content detector that allows us to detect the origin of the content within minutes. It conducts a comprehensive analysis of the text to identify its origin. 

It is quite similar to our other tools in working; you upload the text and start the tool and within seconds the results will appear in front of you. 

This tool is equipped with AI technology that allows it to work at a very fast speed of a few seconds. 

Features of

  • It detects the origin of text using advanced AI content detection technology. 
  • It provides quick and precise content detection and saves users from trouble. 
  • It detects AI content in different languages but doesn’t support a wide variety of languages. Plus language support is only available in the paid version. 
  • It generates AI content reports but it is also available in the paid version. 
  • The AI content is highlighted in red color and the probability is provided in percentage form. 
  • It is also a freemium tool, even though basic plagiarism detector mode fulfills most of the AI detection purposes many people have some specific requirements that can only be fulfilled using advanced mode. 

Note: I have been using free mode and it works like a bomb. 

There are many applications of AI content detectors, the most important ones and mentioned below:

  • Teachers – can use it to ensure no AI has been used by students in the process of writing. 
  • Students – can use it to make sure their assignments and papers are free of AI content before submitting. 
  • Publishers – can use it to make sure the content they are publishing is AI-free because the ranking will be affected by it. 
  • Writers & Researchers – can use it to confirm their contact is 100% original and transparent. 

Final Word: 

Now that I have explained everything about an AI content detector and also introduced the top 3 content detectors to you, I’m pretty sure that there is no confusion left. 

However, if there is anything you want to ask or want to share something. Leave the comment below and I’ll accommodate them in my next blogs. Bye 🙂