Tina Jacoby Obituary Who Was Tina Jacoby? How Did She Die?

Tina L. Jacoby was an integral member of Lower Towamensing Township community who passed away peacefully at home on Thursday November 7th 2019. Born October 10, 1961 in Allentown Pennsylvania and having served her church and her community selflessly her entire life long; this article pays a fitting tribute to Tina’s life, contributions, and legacy she will leave behind.

Who Was Tina L. Jacoby?

Tina L. Jacoby of Walnutport was the daughter of Frederick Michael (deceased) and Emma Lou Buskirk Michael, both deceased. Known as an amazing partner to Richard N. Jacoby since their October 3, 1981 marriage, Tina’s life demonstrated strong family values as she demonstrated commitment and dedication towards those closest to her – husband Richard N Jacoby included. Her lasting memory will live on in our memories!

Tina Jacoby was well known in her community.

Tina was highly esteemed in her community for the 34-years she dedicated as a bus driver with Northampton Area School District. As such, generations of children relied upon Tina as they went about their daily lives; as their bus driver. Tina’s dedication and focus were appreciated by everyone around her and she became beloved member of their lives and society as whole.

How Did Tina Help Her Church?

Tina was an active member of Salem United Methodist Church in Danielsville and held strong beliefs in her spiritual beliefs that guided everything she did – be it business decisions or helping those less fortunate than herself. Tina’s involvement in her church community demonstrated these beliefs while attesting to her dedication towards living a life full of service and kindness.

Who Will Survive Tina Jacoby?

Tina leaves behind an extended loving family: Richard, Emma Lou, Becki A. Billie Jo and Joshua R. as well as Joel and Robin (both siblings of Becki), as well as Chastity Lillian Devin Logan Isabella who are all testament to Tina’s nurturing love. These individuals continue her legacy with caregiving kindness that was evident when Tina lived her own life and made a contribution.

What Was Tina’s Relationship to Her Family Like?

Tina had an extraordinary bond with her family that was marked by unconditional love, support, and mutual respect. Not only was she a parent and spouse to them all; but also friends to her grandchildren as they matured. Family was her pride and joy, so she dedicated herself to providing nurturing environments.

How Will Tina Jacoby Be Remembered?

Tina Jacoby will long be remembered as an individual who touched many lives with kindness, warmth and genuine concern for others – not only within her family but also her community and church. Her legacy lives on in our memories.

What Are Tina Jacoby’s Funeral Arrangements?

Tina Jacoby’s funeral arrangements included both a visitation and service honoring her life and memory at Schisler Funeral Home in Northampton, Pennsylvania on Monday November 11, 2019 as an appropriate tribute. Friends and family came out from all across Pennsylvania to pay their respects and show love as we remembered and celebrated this remarkable individual who lived life fully! This service served as a fitting testament of someone truly beloved who leaves an immeasurable footprint behind in all our hearts.

What Can Be Gained From Tina Jacoby’s Life?

Tina Jacoby’s life teaches us the significance of community involvement, the value of dedicated service and unconditional love. Hers was an example of living selflessly while making an impressionful positive mark in others lives; therefore she serves as an enduring example for anyone striving to make a change for good in their communities and surrounding lives. Her story serves as an inspiring tale.

How Can One Honor Tina Jacoby’s Memory?

Tina expressed her caring nature by making donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; thus honoring her memory while following in her example by embodying service, kindness, and compassion in daily life – thus perpetuating Tina’s spirit of generosity and love that continues to impact those she touched in this lifetime.

Tina L. Jacoby lived a remarkable life filled with love, service and community involvement. While her loss left a hole in our hearts, her legacy of kindness remains an example for all to emulate and remember her as proof that one life can have such an immense effect on so many.