Steve Poole Obituary, how Did He Died?

Steven Skate Poole of Bushwood, Maryland passed away peacefully on December 19, 2015. His life, filled with devotion to family and community service, left behind an immeasurable legacy of love and fond memories for those left behind. We pay our respects to Steven’s memory while honoring the impact his presence made upon those he touched throughout this tribute to honor his memory and recognize what an impactful impactful human he was.

Who Was Steven Skate Poole?

Steven was the beloved son of late parents Phyllis Sandra Lobdell Poole (deceased) and Allan Pace Poole, and flourished within an environment which valued close family ties and community involvement. Living his early years in Washington, DC shaped both his character and aspirations significantly.

What Are Steven’s Key Milestones in His Life?

Steven Poole lived a rich, fulfilling life full of meaningful relationships and accomplishments. His children Steven S. Poole and Taylor Sandra Poole will always treasure having had him as their loving, unwavering father figure; Steven cherished this role deeply; they remember him fondly for being their strong pillar and source of support throughout their lives.

How did Steven Affect His Community and Family?

Steven was beloved and well-liked amongst his extended family; Robin Owen of Bushwood, MD and Kevin Poole from Avenue, MD were his siblings who recall how much joy he brought into their lives, creating memories they still hold close today. Steven provided immense comfort and happiness within their immediate families’ sphere; therefore his departure has created an irreparable gap within each one.

What Are My Funeral Arrangements for Steven?

On Monday, January 4, 2016, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Mattingley-Gardiner Funeral Home in Leonardtown, MD, family and friends will come together in rememberance of Steven. It will serve as a time for all who knew Steven to unite as one.

How Can the Funeral Service Honor Steven’s Memory?

Pastor Carl Synder will then officiate Steven’s funeral service beginning at 6:00 PM and serve as its officiant, offering everyone the chance to reflect upon his life and celebrate its impactful legacy he left upon those around him. It promises to be an ideal tribute for someone who lived his life with kindness, generosity and a deep passion for family and friends alike.

What Does Steven’s Legacy Teach Us?

Steven’s life serves as an inspiring lesson in family values, the value of nurtured relationships, and individual impact within communities. His legacy remains filled with laughter and familial strength despite being gone; still today those he touched continue to cherish what lessons and affection he shared despite their loss.

Steven Skate Poole will be missed deeply but our hearts remain heavy with gratitude for having shared time together. His life was an inspiring testament of love, family strength and friendship; now his loved ones gather as their final farewells; knowing his spirit lives on in their memories as well as through what remains from him as legacy.