Steve Durkin Obituary Who Was Steven J. Durkin? What Happened To Steven Durkin?

Introduction: On March 31st of 2021, Painted Post, New York mourned the passing of one its most esteemed residents: Steven Durkin from nearby Horseheads had left an immeasurable mark in many lives that knew and loved him; thus this article pays a fitting ode to Steven and pays our sincerest regards as to his legacy: loving wiffle ball games with friends as a form of recreation; his commitment to family; and passion for wiffleball as hobbies were all hallmarks of who Steven Durkin truly was.

Who Was Steven J. Durkin?

Steven J. Durkin was the first child of John Durkin and Carolyn “Corky” Gauss Kennedy and was born June 5, 1964 in Corning. As a youth he resided in Painted Post where he attended West High School prior to attending Corning Community College for higher studies where he earned an Associate of Arts Degree.

What Happened to Steven Durkin?

On March 31st of 2021, Steven Durkin left us all heartbroken by passing at only 56 years of age. While his passing left many feeling empty inside their lives and communities alike, his memory lives on through stories shared among those fortunate enough to know him personally.

How Did Steven Die?

Unfortunately, no details regarding Steven Durkin’s demise were mentioned in his obituary; what remains evident, though, is how significant an influence his presence had in others lives during his brief but meaningful existence on Earth.

Steven’s Professional Journey:

Steven dedicated over 29 years of his life and career to Corning Incorporated. His dedication and commitment were apparent during this period; leaving a longstanding impactful mark among colleagues at Corning.

A Passion for Pastimes:

Steven was best known for his professional achievements; however, his passion was also found in leisure activities that brought joy into his life. An avid golfer himself, Steven enjoyed golf rounds on the green. Additionally, his sports-oriented spirit found expression by cheering for New York Yankees and Buffalo Bills games where he found companionship through each thrilling moment of each matchup.

Steven was an exceptional woodworker. His creations stood as testament to his skill and creativity; they will be passed down the generations as treasured keepsakes from him to their loved ones.

A Legendary Figure in Wiffle Ball:

Steven Durkin earned legendary status among wiffle ball enthusiasts for his amazing on-field achievements as an exceptional batter, boasting a batting average of.358 while being honored three times with the Gold Glove Award as proof of his excellence as a fielder.

Steven’s Family:

Steven Durkin is survived by two of his children – Christopher Durkin from Buffalo and Alexis Durkin from Painted Post – as well as by both of their parents, John (Barb) Durkin from Pine City and Carolyn Kennedy from Horseheads, NY, whom all remain close. Steven’s memory lives on in his siblings: Paul Durkin of Gulf Breeze FL with Amy; Susan Sonner with James Sonner (Corning); Karen Mazzarese with Lawrenceville PA as well as numerous cousins like Chuck (Judy), Bill Gauss in Leesburg FL as Mike (Coleene) Durkin who joined them all to commemorate Steven. He will always remain remembered fondly.


Steven J. Durkin left behind an immense legacy through the memories he left behind of his achievements, his commitment to family and friends, and legendary status in wiffle ball – this will forever remain with all who shared in his journey of life.