Sergey Tokarev About the International Bridge: STEM Development and Global Community Prospects

In a world where technology and science play an increasingly important role, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone becomes a key challenge. The STEM is FEM initiative concluded that one of the most important steps in this direction is the creation of the first STEM ecosystem in Ukraine. This ambitious project was initiated by Sergey Tokarev, an IT entrepreneur and partner of the investment group Roosh.

The main goal of this initiative is to provide equal opportunities for Ukrainian girls in STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The ecosystem created by STEM is FEM will become a platform that brings together organizations, professionals, and ideas aimed at developing education and careers in these fields.

The project, launched in 2019 under the initiative of Serhii Tokarev, became a landmark moment for the development of STEM education in Ukraine. Its main goal was to involve Ukrainian girls in the study of science and technology, by introducing them to various aspects of these industries and allowing them to learn about successful women in the world of STEM.

The project team focused its efforts on providing participants with comprehensive information about career opportunities in STEM. Meetings with professionals, workshops, and presentations were organized to inspire and motivate young girls to strive for success in these fields.

The start of the project opened new horizons for Ukrainian girls, allowing them to look at the world of science and technology from a new perspective and gain confidence in their abilities in these strategically important industries.

The art project SHE is SCIENCE, implemented by the STEM is FEM team, became a vivid embodiment of the mission and values of the initiative. Ukrainian illustrators have embodied 12 outstanding Ukrainian women scientists in picturesque portraits, emphasizing their contribution to science and technology. The paintings attracted attention not only in Ukraine but also beyond its borders, including at the international level, where they were presented at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

This art project was not just an illustration, but also a source of inspiration for young girls, showing that they too are capable of achieving outstanding achievements in science and education. Moreover, the project became the basis for the development of the educational series “Urbanism” on the national educational and entertainment platform Diia.Education.

Over five years of active activity, the STEM is FEM team has attracted more than 500 young girls to its activities. However, Elizaveta Korenko, head of STEM FEM, said that these ambitions go far beyond this achievement: this year, it is planned to unite 1,000 Ukrainian girls in the project’s ecosystem, and by 2030, the goal is to attract 10,000 girls.

The STEM is FEM ecosystem includes three key areas:

  • STEM is a FEM Community for girls aged 14 to 22, providing unique opportunities for technical and soft skills development, mentoring support, and STEM career advice.
  • Alumni STEM is a FEM Club for women over 22 years of age who have already completed the program and are looking to develop their knowledge by becoming mentors to new members and continuing their growth in STEM.
  • STEM is FEM Teachers’ Platform for STEM teachers looking to improve their competencies, enrich their courses with digital and soft skills and receive mentoring support.

As Sergey Tokarev and Elizaveta Korenko note, at the moment the main focus of the project team is on ensuring the stable functioning of all three communities, organizing regular events and providing girls with a wide range of educational and career opportunities.