Morty Taylor Obituary What Happened To Morty Taylor?

Morty Taylor passed peacefully at 86 on November 21, 2023 and leaves an unparalleled legacy filled with community service, business achievements, and genuine relationships. As a resident of Waterloo for more than six decades, his life exemplified dedication, humor and the unfaltering commitment he showed toward creating positive change for Waterloo residents.

Who Was Morty Taylor?

Morty Taylor was the sole son of David and Kate Taylor (deceased), born February 7th 1937 and growing up within an affectionate and supportive environment, Morty showed signs of early community engagement as well as entrepreneurialism from an early age. Through dedication, perseverance, and hard work he ultimately rose from humble origins into one of Waterloo’s leading businesspeople and community figures.

What Were Morty’s Major Achievements in Life?

Morty was not just a successful business person; he was a pillar of his community. He founded Morty’s Pub in 1981, a beloved local establishment that became a landmark at the corner of King and University. Beyond his business endeavors, Morty served as a City Councillor for Ward 4 in Waterloo and was involved in numerous local organizations, reflecting his deep commitment to community service.

How Did Morty Contribute to His Community?

Morty’s role as a community leader was characterized by his service on various boards, including Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Library, and the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony. His involvement with the Oktoberfest Advisory Council, Project Lift, Recreation and Leisure 55 Plus, The Waterloo Student Housing Task Force, and The Affordable Housing Task Force showcased his wide-ranging impact on the community.

What Made Morty a Beloved Figure in Waterloo?

Known for his quick sense of humor and loyalty to friends, Morty was a beloved figure in Waterloo. His fearlessness in expressing his opinions, coupled with his humility, made him a respected and admired individual. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life made him a treasured member of his community.

How Did Morty’s Personal Life Influence His Professional Endeavors?

Morty’s personal life, especially his relationships with his son and best friend Jay, daughters Ilisa and Mary, and his cherished granddaughter Katie, greatly influenced his professional endeavors. His commitment to his family was mirrored in his dedication to his community, creating a balance that defined his life and work.

What Challenges Did Morty Overcome in His Life?

Morty overcame many hurdles throughout his life, such as grieving for Jo-Ann Grenn. Yet his strength and character remain undimmed even in this trying time for both themselves and for their community.

How Will Morty Be Remembered by His Family and Community?

Morty will always be remembered with fondness by family and the larger Waterloo community for his contributions, his warmth, humor and genuine relationships he built during his lifetime.

What Are the Arrangements for Morty’s Celebration of Life?

On Monday, November 27th from 4 pm to 8 pm will be an event to honor Morty’s life and legacy, providing family, friends, and community members an opportunity to gather.

How Can People Honor Morty’s Memory?

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to the Grand River Hospital Foundation Scotland’s Yard in memory of Morty Taylor. This gesture of giving to a cause he believed in is a fitting way to honor Morty’s memory and continue his legacy of community support and service.

Morty Taylor lived an extraordinary life of entrepreneurship, community service and genuine relationships in Waterloo. The impact he made is profound and will live long into our memory; as we remember him we’re reminded to participate actively within our local communities; laughter brings energy; creating lasting connections helps strengthen bonds; his life serves as an encouragement for us all to live fully, contribute meaningfully, cherish every moment with loved ones – this was indeed Morty.