Justin Earl Lynn Rush what Was The Cause Of Death Of Justin Earl Lynn Rush?

Justin Lynn Rush was an esteemed member of Rogersville community who passed away at 35 on September 23, 2023. Best known for his love for long haul livestock trucking and outdoor adventure, his life embodied dedication, love, and adventure – as evidenced herein by this article dedicated to him exploring all facets that made him such a beloved figure in both family and community.

Who Was Justin Lynn Rush?

Justin Lynn Rush was an exceptional family man, avid outdoor enthusiast, and professional long haul trucker. An active member of West View Baptist Church where his faith played an instrumental role in his life. Justin’s grandchildren fondly remembered him with affection under their nickname of “Big Dude”, an indication of their affection towards their grandfather.

What Were Justin’s Professional Interests?

Justin found joy and freedom driving long haul livestock truck. His dedication was evident as he found great delight in each journey he undertook; truly embodying the spirit of an elite road warrior.

How did Justin Spend His Free Time?

Justin enjoyed spending his free time outdoors, particularly fishing – an activity which brought him peace and brought the outdoors into his life and provided great pleasure and fulfillment. It became one of his passions that contributed to both happiness and fulfillment throughout his lifetime.

What Was Justin’s Role in His Family?

Justin was an unquestionable fixture of his family. With an affectionate nature and boundless love poured onto each member he knew in particular; such as Debbie, daughter Maggie, stepchildren Brittany and Justin as well as grandchildren made Justin an integral figure for everyone involved.

Who Are Justin’s Remaining Family Members?

Justin will be greatly missed by his loving family: wife Debbie Rush; daughter Maggie; stepchildren Brittany Lawson and Justin Nance; parents Jimmy and Reene Rush; brother Cody Rush and his beloved grandchildren. Justin found strength and happiness within this family unit which became his lifeline. He will long remain remembered.

How Does Justin’s Family Affect His Life?

Justin held his family as the core of his life. Through their strong ties, and especially their special nicknames for each member, they displayed his deep affection. Their influence could be seen in how kind and generous Justin lived his life.

What Are My Justin’s Funeral Arrangements?

Justin will be laid to rest at Christian-Sells Funeral Home in Rogersville with visitation hours running from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. Visitation will continue in their chapel from 7 to 8:00 P.M. with funeral services following at 7 P.M. The service will then conclude with graveside rites scheduled at 2:00 PM the same day at Choptack Baptist Church Cemetery.

How Will Justin Be Remembered?

Justin Lynn Rush will always be remembered fondly by those who knew and loved him for his unfaltering affection for family, his dedication to work and adventure, and faith – values which guided his life – such as love, adventure and service he upheld so fully during his short yet prolific lifespan. His memory will inspire those privileged enough to know him best.

What Can We Learn From Justin’s Life?

Justin’s life serves as an inspiring lesson on the value of passion in both professional pursuits and personal hobbies, his dedication to his family is an example of cherishing each day with enthusiasm and love – lessons which were instilled by Justin himself during every minute he lived here on earth.

Justin Lynn Rush lived a beautiful life of commitment, love, and adventure that will always live on in our memories of him and those who knew him. We remember him with deep appreciation as an example of someone whose legacy lives on in so many lives he touched through work or recreation he inspired us with. His legacy will live on through those whose lives were touched by him – serving as an everlasting reminder that one life can have such an enormous effect.