Interview with Rohan Chugh, Founder of Iganony

We got to chat with Rohan Chugh today, the genius behind Iganony, a tool for viewing Instagram stories. Glad to have you, Rohan. Could you spill the beans on Iganony? How does it tick?

Rohan Chugh: I appreciate the invite. Iganony serves as a pathway to check out Instagram stories without revealing your identity. Its operation is straightforward. You just need to visit the official Iganony website, enter the username of the person whose story you want to view, and you can see their stories without them knowing.

What inspired you to create Iganony?

Rohan Chugh: I saw lots of folks were keen on looking at Instagram stories while remaining anonymous. That’s how Iganony came into being. It was my goal to develop a tool that keeps people’s privacy intact while they have fun browsing Instagram content.

How does Iganony ensure user privacy?

Rohan Chugh: At Iganony, we value your privacy above everything else. User data, like your username or the stories you look at, isn’t stored by us. We simply don’t track or gather info about our users. We aim to be a secure and private platform for viewing Instagram stories.

What sets Iganony apart from other Instagram story viewers?

Rohan Chugh puts it this way: Iganony stands out because it’s user-friendly. No apps or account setup required. Simply go to the Iganony site, type in your username, and you can start. Plus, we have a strong dedication to keeping your data private and secure. That, we believe, distinguishes us from similar tools.

How do you see Iganony evolving in the future?

Rohan Chugh: On a daily basis, we’re polishing Iganony, throwing in new stuff. We hope to bond tighter with Instagram’s API for additional functionality, keeping user privacy intact. Our goal? Reaching out to other social media, offering the same anonymous view options.

Can you share any success stories or feedback from Iganony users?

Rohan Chugh: Users praise Iganony. They love the privacy it offers. No fear of identity exposure. They use it for their favorite Instagram accounts. They use it frequently. Iganony – a regular tool for them.

Any challenges you’ve faced while developing or running Iganony?

Rohan Chugh: We’ve struggled a bit with Instagram’s altering API. We’ve done numerous updates to keep Iganony running well and keeping our users happy.

Are there any new features or developments in the works for Iganony that you can share with us?

Rohan Chugh: Continual progression is a staple at Iganony. We’re fervently developing an exciting feature: download Instagram stories incognito. Besides, we’re concurrently probing methods to enhance the whole user interaction, making Iganony increasingly easy to navigate.

Any final thoughts or messages for our readers?

Rohan Chugh: We can’t express enough how thankful we are for the support from our users. Ensuring a safe, private, and fun usage experience for everyone at Iganony is our goal. Haven’t checked out Iganony yet? Please head to the official website and explore!

We appreciate your time, Rohan, in providing details about Iganony. It’s obvious that you prioritize user privacy and the overall experience. Our best wishes for your ongoing success with Iganony.