How to install egr delete kit lly duramax?

Hey gearhead, so you’ve decided to free up some extra horsepower and increase reliability on your LLY Duramax by deleting the exhaust gas recirculation system. Excellent choice. EGRs reduce emissions but they’re known to cause buildup, clogs and other issues on diesels, especially as they age. An EGR delete kit will bypass your EGR valve, giving you better performance, lower EGTs, less soot buildup and one less thing to fail on your engine. Installing an EGR delete kit isn’t terribly complicated but it does require removing some components to access the EGR system. Don’t worry, if you’ve got some mechanical ability, the right tools and this guide, you’ll be cruising without that EGR in no time. Say goodbye to lower power and higher engine temps – your LLY will be running better than new when we’re done. Ready to get your hands dirty? Let’s dive in and get that EGR delete installed!

What Is an lly egr delete kit?

An lly egr delete kit for your LLY Duramax eliminates your truck’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. The EGR system recirculates exhaust gasses back into the engine to reduce emissions. Deleting it improves engine performance and efficiency.

To install an egr delete kit, you’ll need some mechanical know-how and the right tools. You’ll have to remove components like the EGR valve, EGR cooler, EGR pipe, and EGR sensor.

  1. Disconnect the vehicle’s battery to disable the airbags.
  2. Locate the EGR valve. It’s typically on the driver’s side of the engine near the firewall.

3.Remove the EGR valve by unbolting it from the EGR cooler and intake manifold.

4.Take out the EGR cooler and EGR pipe. The EGR cooler is a small radiator-like device attached to the EGR valve. The EGR pipe runs from the EGR valve to the intake manifold.

  1. Install the egr delete kit plates in place of the EGR valve and EGR cooler using the included gaskets and bolts.
  2. Bolt on the included exhaust manifold pipe in place of the EGR pipe.
  3. Re-enable your battery and start the engine to check for leaks.

Once installed, an egr delete kit will improve throttle response, increase horsepower and torque, reduce engine noise, and enhance fuel economy in your LLY Duramax. Your engine can finally breathe free without the restrictions of the EGR system!

How to Install an EGR Delete Kit on a LLY Duramax

To install an EGR delete kit on your LLY Duramax, here are the steps to follow:

First, locate the EGR valve on your engine. On the LLY Duramax, it will be on the driver’s side of the engine, below the intake manifold.

  • Loosen the hose clamps on both sides of the EGR valve using a screwdriver or socket and disconnect the hoses. Also unplug the electrical connector leading to the EGR valve.
  • Remove the bolts holding the EGR valve to the engine using a socket. There should be 3 bolts—remove them and take off the EGR valve.

Now for the fun part—installing your EGR delete kit! The kit will come with block off plates to install in place of the EGR valve.

  • Install the block off plates on the intake manifold and exhaust manifold where the EGR valve was previously mounted. Tighten the provided bolts to secure the plates in place.
  • Reconnect the hoses you disconnected from the EGR valve and tighten the hose clamps. Zip tie or clamp the hoses out of the way.
  • Plug in your EGR delete kit’s wiring harness to override any check engine lights. Secure the wiring with zip ties.

That’s it! With the EGR valve removed and block off plates installed, your LLY Duramax will breathe easier and run more efficiently. Enjoy the increased performance and cleaner engine bay! Let your engine run for a few minutes to allow it to adjust to the changes before heading out for a test drive.

Oil Cooler Housing Removal and Installation for EGR Delete

To remove the oil cooler housing for an EGR delete on your LLY Duramax, follow these steps:

Removing the Oil Cooler Housing

First, locate the oil cooler housing on the passenger side of the engine. It will be a large metal plate with holes and tubes coming out of it.

Next, disconnect the wiring harness plug on the top corner of the housing. Then unscrew the bolts or nuts holding the oil cooler lines in place and remove the lines. Have a pan ready to catch any dripping oil.

After that, unscrew the remaining bolts holding the housing to the engine block. There should be 3-4 bolts along the top and sides of the housing. Once all bolts are removed, gently pry off the oil cooler housing. Be very careful not to drop it, as it can still contain oil.

Thoroughly clean the entire area where the housing was mounted. Use brake cleaner or a similar degreaser to remove all dirt and oil residue. Wipe away debris with shop towels.

Installing the EGR Delete Plate

When the area is clean, you can install the EGR delete plate. Place the plate over the opening and screw in the provided bolts to secure it in place, tightening in a criss-cross pattern.

Replace the oil cooler lines and wiring harness plug. Add new sealing washers if the old ones look worn or damaged.

Start the engine and check for any leaks or strange noises before shutting it off. Once everything looks good, you’re done – your LLY Duramax now has an EGR delete installed!

This process may take 1-3 hours for a DIYer to complete. If you have any doubts or prefer professional help, consult a trusted diesel mechanic. They have the proper tools, training and experience to perform an EGR delete quickly and safely.

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So there you have it, a straightforward way to install an EGR delete kit on your LLY Duramax. By completing this mod, you’ll free up your engine to breathe better and run more efficiently. No more choking on exhaust gasses or clogged intake pipes. Your Duramax will reward you with better performance, increased fuel economy, lower EGTs, and a cleaner, better running engine. An EGR delete is one of the best bang-for-your-buck mods you can do for your diesel. Now get out there, grab an EGR delete kit, and unleash your LLY! You and your Duramax will be glad you did.