Eric Scott Stanley Obituary What Happened To Eric Scott Stanley?

Eric Scott Stanley, aged 44, from Springfield, MI, passed away on May 19, 2023, at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. Eric was born December 13th 1978 to Larry Stanley and Linda (Harris) Neusbaum in Coldwater Michigan and became an integral member of his community over time, thanks to both hardworking nature and passion for outdoor pursuits. His life became an example to all.

What Were Eric’s Professional Achievements?

Eric’s career as a maintenance technician was distinguished by his exceptional craftsmanship and handyman abilities, not simply as profession but as testament of his keen eye for detail and commitment to his work. His tireless ability to repair, create, and maintain was truly admirable and showed in everything that was accomplished under his care.
His colleagues often regarded him as the go-to person for complex technical issues, reflecting his expertise and reliability in his field.

What Made Eric’s Personality So Memorable?

Eric was known for his playful spirit and profound appreciation of outdoor pursuits – whether hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, exploring four-wheelers or controlling remote controlled cars were among his many pursuits – they all brought great pleasure for Eric.
These hobbies were not just pastimes for Eric; they were an extension of his adventurous spirit and love for nature.

How Did Eric Enjoy His Leisure Time?

Beyond his outdoor pursuits, Eric had a passion for playing pool. This hobby was another avenue where his precision and skill were evident. However, it was not just about the games for Eric; it was also about the camaraderie and the bonds he formed over the pool table. Above all, Eric cherished spending time with his friends and family, valuing these moments as the most precious.

Who Does Eric Leave Behind?

Eric’s passing leaves a void in the lives of his loved ones. He is survived by his mother, Linda (Michael Hiner) Neusbaum of Angola, IN, and his father, Larry Stanley of Battle Creek.His sisters Amy (Doug) Decker of Homer and Heather Stanley of Marshall will always hold fond memories of Eric in their hearts; his extraordinary talent touched many people’s lives in many ways and will remain present within many hearts for many years to come.

Who Preceded Eric in Death?

Eric was preceded in death by his grandparents, his uncles Robert Stanley Jr. and Tom Harris, and his beloved dog, Bella. These losses were significant in Eric’s life, and he often spoke of them with fondness and respect.

Are There Any Memorial Services Planned?

In line with Eric’s wishes, his body was cremated, and no services are being held at this time. A private burial of his ashes will take place at Knauss Cemetery in Kinderhook, MI, at a later date. This decision for a quiet, intimate remembrance reflects Eric’s personality – a man who valued simplicity and sincerity in his interactions and life events.

How Can People Pay Their Respects or Offer Support?

Family has asked that memorial contributions in Eric’s honor should be directed toward Larry Stanley at Dutcher Funeral Homes; checks can be payable in his name. This gesture allows those who knew Eric an opportunity to show their respect while honoring his memory by contributing directly. For more information about making memorial donations visit

What Is Eric’s Lasting Legacy?

Eric Stanley lived his life with passion, dedication, and love – leaving behind not just work or hobbies that he pursued but relationships he nurtured and lives he touched along his journey. Eric’s story serves as a powerful reminder to live each moment fully and leave an imprintful impactful legacy for those we touch in this life.

As we remember Eric Scott Stanley, we are reminded of the beauty and significance of life lived fully with passion and purpose, making every moment count. His memory will continue to resonate in hearts everywhere who knew and loved him – Eric Scott Stanley was truly one-of-a-kind with an open heart full of affection who will be deeply missed but never forgotten.