Elegant Tranquility Review

Beautiful places are something that I have always loved, and investing in these places is a hobby for me. For my business meetings, I need to travel to different cities, and now that I constantly need to travel to Bangalore, I’m planning to get a home here. Looking for properties is hard, and after searching for different properties, I came across Elegant Tranquility, a beautiful and luxurious place for my stay. 

I love visiting different places, and elegant Tranquility is pure beauty. When I saw the layout, I was fondly in love with the place. The site was in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, and it was a great idea to consider this place as it had some modern amenities and luxurious space for me. Investing here would benefit my future, is what my friend said to me, and being interested in properties, the indecisive me can’t say no to this place. 

When I first looked at the layout, I suggested some changes from my end for my house. I was investing ₹81.71 Lacs to ₹1.25 Crores for 2 and 3 BHK options. I was getting a 2 BHK for myself, and after looking at the amenities, I was sure that it’d be an excellent option to go for. Elegant Tranquility is a superb option for anyone who wants to have a luxurious two or 3-BHK space, as it offers some fantastic services to its customers, and the room has a stunning design. 

Thinking about all these elements, I took this place. The investment was reliable, and the space was crucial for me. The best part about this place is the proximity to the global tech park in Bangalore, where I can easily visit and connect with different people. A good home is all about convenience and design, and this place had both, which means everything was easily accessible.  

When starting up, I came across this beautiful property through online platforms. The place had a beautiful view and great amenities, which took me here. The area was offered for a reliable price and convenience, so there’s no room for error as I’ve got everything I was looking for in this place. 

The place was near Kittur Rani Chennamma Park, Pattanagere, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, and the project area was 3.5 acres in total. There were a total of 321 units of 2,3 BHK rooms. Regarding basic amenities, there was a Bike and Car Parking, Corporation and Borewell Water Supply, and 9 Buildings in total. With 81 lacs in full, the place was an excellent investment if I talk about its convenience and amenities. 

Amenities At Elegant Tranquility That Stands Out

1. Space and layout 

The first thing about the place is its convenience. The place has all the basic to advanced level services. Proximity to tech parks adds up to it, and the space for the room and the buildings is quite good, so I can quickly go for some long walks and take my time out. 

2. Proximity to RR Nagar Metro

The Elegant Tranquility is a high-rise Well Spacious Building, and being close to RR Nagar metro is a plus point here, which means I can easily travel in Bangalore without any hassle. The RR Nagar Metro station will help me travel to the city. 

3. Investment and management

The place had a very reliable price, and I can easily invest in these properties because of their convenience. After they showed me the layout, I was pretty convinced that I was going to get myself a home here. For proper waste management, they got a Sewage treatment plant. They also have a rainwater harvesting system for appropriate use. 

4. Facilities and convenience 

There’s everything you expect in a room, be you get a Power Backup,  Security,  Lift

Community hall, and CCTV cameras as well. Everything is sorted out here, and I’ll get everything at my convenience. You also get Visitor parking for your guests here. 

5. Sports Facilities For Members 

The best part about this place is the space they’re offering for sports as they have a Basketball court, Badminton court and a dedicated swimming pool for people who love to swim. They also have a Gym where people can train and a Spa/steam/sauna. 

6. Park And Party Area 

There’s a Park, Clubhouse, and a Party area for people to enjoy. There’s a library where I can go for my work, and there are tons of indoor games available here. There’s a dedicated children’s play area where kids can play and have fun. 

This project offers multiple amenities and big houses for a very reasonable price, which is a fantastic investment for me. I faced difficulty searching for places in Bangalore, and then I came across Nobroker’s verified property listings, which helped me get this home. If you want a home for your next stay, ensure you check NoBroker.in.