David Timothy Hartsell Obituary, Remembering David Hartsell: A Legacy of Love and Compassion David Timothy Hartsell

On November 9th 2023 at Southlake Hospital in Newmarket, Keith David Hartsell died peacefully, having lived 88 years full of warmth and dedication to love, family, and community service. Keith’s death marks not just an individual loss but also marks an ending in their shared chapter that they shared together until her passing: Sonia Eleanor Hartsell (1938-2018). This article seeks to celebrate Keith’s life while honoring his legacy while sharing information regarding arrangements made for his final farewell ceremony.

Who Was Keith David Hartsell?

Keith David Hartsell was known as an individual of great integrity and kindness who was beloved by those he encountered throughout his lifetime, especially those he shared it with: his beloved wife Sonia until her passing in 2018. Together they raised three beautiful children – Robin Mary (Brian), April Kathleen “Senna” Kostas), and Anthony Lawrence “Chuck” Helen – that epitomized love, support, resilience – alongside siblings Paul (Gwen), Bowen Keith (Kostas), Sam; further underscoring Keith’s impact was his influence: as brother Paul (Gwen), grandfather to Lilia Falcon Rose Bowen Keith Sylvia Jane as an Uncle to Sam

What Defined Keith’s Legacy?

Keith left an immeasurable imprint upon both his family and community in terms of love and memories shared among all three groups. From being an unwavering grandfather and father, to dedicating his life and values firmly held dear by them all – not forgetting his contributions made beyond family through education initiatives and charitable causes; Keith left his mark.

How Will Keith Be Remembered?

Plans have been put in place to honor Keith’s life with dignity. Friends, family and acquaintances of Keith can come together at Holy Family Parish (777 Valetta Street), commencing from 9:00 a.m. until his Funeral Mass begins at 10:00 am on November 16th to pay their respects as well as share in commemorating a life well lived – with a reception following to remember and celebrate Keith’s impactful influence in their lives.

Are There Any Plans for Keith to be Interred at St. Peter’s Cemetery After we celebrate Keith’s life, his body will be interred at St. Peter’s Cemetery at a later date as part of an everlasting tribute that allows loved ones to visit and remember all he brought into their lives. It also stands as a lasting monument as loved ones reflect back upon all his wisdom, joy, and happiness he brought them all along the way.

How Can You Honor Keith’s Memory

Instead of sending flowers in memory of Keith, those wishing to commemorate his life and values might consider making a donation to The Caring Fund at Thames Valley Education Foundation instead. Doing this not only honors him as well as perpetuating his legacy of caring and supporting for our community.

Where Can You Share Condolences and Memories of Keith?

Anyone wishing to express their sympathy or share memories of Keith can do so online through www.donohuefuneralhome.ca, which serves as an enabling space where grievers, supporters, and celebrators alike may come together in honoring Keith’s life and legacy.

Keith David Hartsell lived an outstanding life filled with love, dedication, and community spirit. We honor and remember him not just for who he was as an individual but his legacy: one filled with compassion, unconditional support for those close to him, love and selflessness. By honoring Keith we honor not just who he was as an individual but his lasting impact upon so many lives he touched during his lifetime. We remember and celebrate not just who Keith was as we honor his memory through memorialization arrangements as well as opportunities to remember and honor him posthumously; thus paying our respects while celebrating not just who Keith David Hartsell left us all. In remembering Keith we celebrate not just who was but rather celebrate what his profound legacy leaves behind: one full of love, devotion to those whom he held dearest.