A Consultant’s Perspective on Blockchain for Enterprises: “Why Blockchain” by Harman Puri

Unveiling a Unique Vantage Point

Harman Puri‘s “Why Blockchain” stands out as a beacon for enterprises seeking to navigate the Blockchain and Web3 space. As a seasoned Blockchain consultant, Puri brings a unique perspective to the table, encapsulating his experience and thoughts in a short handbook. Let us see how Puri’s insights make “Why Blockchain” an essential resource for enterprises considering blockchain adoption.

A Consultant’s In-Depth Understanding

“Why Blockchain” is a concern that Puri addressed not only as a Blockchain consultant but also as a developer and marketeer. Harman Puri has had firsthand experience in dealing with the challenges and opportunities businesses face while implementing Blockchain. This allows him to provide a nuanced and deeply informed perspective. Unlike purely academic texts, Puri’s book tackles real-world scenarios, addressing the practicalities of implementing blockchain in a business environment.

Bridging Theory and Practice

Onе of thе book’s corе strеngths is its ability to bridge thе gap between thеorеtical blockchain concеpts and thеir practical application in thе businеss world. Puri’s approach dеmystifiеs complеx blockchain tеchnologiеs, making thеm accessible and relevant to businеss leaders and dеcision-makеrs. This approach is aimed at supporting innovation and helping business leaders make informed decisions based on practical implementations explained through real-life examples in this book. 

Tailored for Enterprise Decision-Making

“Why Blockchain” is tailored to meet the needs of enterprise decision-makers. Puri uses his consulting acumen to address the key concerns of enterprises, such as the intricacies of implementing Blockchain, the various factors to consider while implementing Blockchain and the features that should be considered. In the last chapter, Puri has addressed one of the most basic yet critical aspects of the Blockchain world, “How to choose the right Blockchain platform”. This further solidifies the objective of the book, which is to help enterprise leaders make informed decisions. 

Case Studies and Real-World Examples

Case studies and real-world examples that illustrate the successful implementation of blockchain in various industries are what make this book different. These examples serve as a roadmap for enterprises, showcasing the potential for blockchain to revolutionize processes, enhance security, and create new value streams. Puri’s practical examples offer a glimpse into the future possibilities for businesses in a blockchain-enabled world.


Harman Puri’s “Why Blockchain” is more than just an informative read; it’s a strategic asset for enterprises exploring the potential of blockchain technology. Puri’s unique perspective as a Blockchain consultant provides a blend of technical depth and business acumen, making this book a go-to resource for enterprises. It guides leaders through the labyrinth of blockchain adoption, helping them unlock new efficiencies, capabilities, and competitive advantages. For any business leader looking to stay ahead in the digital age, “Why Blockchain” is an indispensable guide.