6 Tips for Furnishing Your 2-Bedroom Townhome Rental

Furnishing your 2 bedroom townhomes for rent can help them feel more comfortable and homey. Adding your favorite window treatments like curtains or shades can help decorate your townhome rental. Fun throw pillows for your sofa are also a fun way to add more personality. Here are six other ways to furnish your 2 bedroom townhome rental:

1. Hang Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpapers can positively transform your 2 bedroom townhome rental’s walls. They come in various colors and patterns to add style and warmth to your space. Before choosing removable wallpapers or any other art, confirm that their colors complement your rental’s existing décor. Fabric wallpapers can make your 2 bedroom townhome feel more luxurious and comfortable.

2. Add Indoor Plants and Flowers

Houseplants and flowers like orchids, violets, and begonia can bring more life to your rental space. The natural style these indoor plants and flowers create can complement your existing décor. Choosing houseplants with varying sizes and arranging them can upgrade your rental space’s casual look. Consider indoor plants and flowers with leaves that have different colors for your rental’s decoration. Some of the best locations for your houseplants include on your headboard, TV stand, or windowsills.

3. Include Furniture 

Furniture items like coffee tables, sofas, dining tables, and chairs can make 2 bedroom townhomes for rent more functional. Cabinets can increase your storage space, enabling you to declutter and organize your rental more conveniently. Your furniture’s color and layout should match your rental space’s style. Consider the style of features like artwork, vases, and memorabilia to determine your rental’s furniture style. The right size furniture items will fit into your space and make it more attractive. 

4. Upgrade the Lighting

Proper lighting can brighten your 2 bedroom townhome rental and make it more welcoming. Some decorative lighting fixtures to consider for your rental space include chandeliers, pendant lights, linear LED, and sconces. These fixtures come in minimalist, contemporary, and modern styles. Minimalist-style lighting can be suitable if your rental space has light-colored furniture or walls. Your rental space’s fixtures should be energy-efficient to save you from high electricity bills. 

5. Update the Flooring

Adding your favorite multilayered rug to the floor can boost the rental space’s décor. The rugs can make your floor feel more comfortable to walk on. They can also protect the floor from stains, dirt, and debris, making the maintenance process much simpler. Peel-and-stick tiles can also transform your 2 bedroom townhome rental’s floor without straining you financially. Other temporary flooring options include foam floor tiles, carpet tape, and vinyl floor decals.

6. Touch Up the Bathroom

If you’ve been in the same townhome for an extended period, it may be time to update the bathroom. Replace or clean the bathroom’s shower curtain. This can allow you to remove the molds or mildew on the curtains, preventing possible risks like respiratory problems. Your new shower curtains’ colors and patterns should match the style of the bathroom’s walls or ceiling. Adding colored and textured hand or bathroom towels can also make the space more attractive. Mirrors, chairs, and towel holders are also unique pieces that can modernize a space.

Tips for Choosing 2 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

Your 2 bedroom townhome rental should be in a safe and secure place. Consider security measures like proper locks, security cameras, secure doors and windows, and alarm systems. Your 2 bedroom townhome rental should also have adequate space and be in a good neighborhood. Get a price quote before renting to help you budget for the property. 

Furnish Your Townhome Rental Today

Furnishing your townhome rental can make it more appealing and comfortable. Townhomes for rent can be furnished by upgrading floors, lighting, and adding houseplants or furniture. Call a professional real estate management company today to learn more about townhome rentals in your area.